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Exclusive Caterer

The Masons at the Masonic Temple
Old Towne, VA

The National Funeral Home
Falls Church, VA

Kate Jackson, Owner Welcome!
At Freshly Yours we strive to make your function - be it a quick business lunch, a cozy cocktail reception, or a lingering brunch - into a stress free memorable occasion. Peruse and enjoy a few of the many options available or contact us to discuss other ideas you might have.

We are ready to make you smile

Personal or Corporate, Let Us Help You Celebrate!

Explore Our Selections

Hors d'ourves

  • Empanadas
      filled with:
    • Spice sausage
    • Herbed chicken
    • Blue cheese with walnuts
  • Corn Fritters
    with cinnamon syrup
  • Chicken Satay
    with spicy peanut dip
  • Phyllo Triangles or Phyllo Cups
      filled with:
    • Spinach & feta
    • Apple, fennel, & sage
    • Sausage, dried cherries, & pine nuts (tomato, spinach, plain)
  • Tartlets
      filled with:
    • Brie, apricot jam, & pecans
    • Pumpkin spread
    • Sauteed Apple
    • Pine nuts
    • Stilton & dried fruit
    Room Temperature

  • Savory Cheesecakes
  • Cheesecakes with Baguette
    salmon, artichoke, & blue cheese, spinach & boursin
  • Vegetable Mélange
    with seasonal veggies and balsamic chutney dip or tahini soy dipping sauce
  • Grilled Jumbo Asian Shrimp
    skewered with ginger lime teriyaki dipping sauce
  • Crab filled Tartlets
    with papaya mayonnaise
  • Cajun Spiced Nuts
  • Puff Pastry Twists
    with cheddar cayenne or poppy seed lemon garlic
  • Assorted Fruit and Cheese Display
  • Antipasto Sampler
    with artichoke hearts, herbed olives, salami, cheese bites, asparagus, tips, & cornichons served with baguette
  • Mediterranean Sampler
    served with pita chips with hummus and tzatziki dips, stuffed grape leaves
  • Marinated Veggies
    skewered with pesto mint dipping sauce
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Full Size
    Sandwich Wonders
    $6.75 each

  • Brie, Ham, & Mesculin
    with cranberry mayonnaise (served on croissant)
  • Smoked Turkey, Dill Havarti, & Tomato
    with dijon mustard (served on rye)
  • Tuna Salad
    with raisins, apples, & cucumber (served on sour dough)
  • Avocado, Alfalfa Sprouts, Smoked Gouda, & Tomato
    (served on multi grain)
  • Curried Chicken Salad
    with apricots & pecans (served on croissant)
  • Mozzarella & Tomato
    with sundried tomato spread
  • Grilled Vegetable Wrap
    with boursin lettuce & tomato
  • Roast Beef, Swiss, & Roasted Red Pepper
    (served on kaiser roll)
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    Room Temperature
    Order one salad to accompany a sandwich - $3.00 per person
    Order a second salad - $2.50 Per Person

  • Salad Nicoise
    with tuna, white beans, avocado, black olives, & red onion in a balsamic vinagrette
  • Cous Cous
    with mint & sweet red pepper
  • Bow Tie Pasta
    with asparagus, walnuts, blue cheese, & mandarin oranges in a citrus marinade
  • Basmati Rice
    dried cranberries, water chestnuts, & scallions
  • Mixed Baby Greens
    with pecans, goat cheese, & artichoke hearts with a lemon soy vinaigrette
  • Green Beans & Julienne Carrots
    in a lime tahini dressing
  • Thai Noodles
    with spicy peanut sauce
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Tea Sandwiches
    The Lost Art
    All served on assorted breads
    Ordered by the dozen

  • Curried Chicken Salad
    with raisins
  • Ham
    with apricot jam
  • Smoked Turkey
    with boursin
  • Salmon Spread
    with dill
  • Pineapple Cream Cheese
    with watercress
  • Figs Spread, Arugula, & Apple Jelly
  • Turkey
    with cranberry spread
  • Smoked White Fish
    with Italian parsley
  • Goat Cheese & Lemon Asparagus
    with cilantro
  • Walnuts & Stilton Cheese
  • Sun-dried Tomato Spread
    with capers
  • Pesto Mint
    with pine nuts
  • Greek Olive Spread
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Mini Desserts
  • Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies
  • Coconut Lemon Chews
  • Butterscotch Oatmeal Bars
  • Peanut Butter Rounds
  • White Chocolate Expresso Bark
  • Scones
    • Amaretto chocolate chip
    • Buttermilk cinnamon raisin
    • Lemon Cranberry
  • Shortbread Pieces
    with nutmeg
  • Truffles
  • Biscotti
  • Gingerbread Cookies
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Brownies
  • Macaroons
  • Lemon Bars
  • Pecan Bars
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    Menu A
    $23.00 Per Person

  • Smoked Salmon Cheesecake
    A Savory Cheesecake with Smoked Salmon,
    Cream Cheese, Parmesan and Dill
    Served with Baguette
  • Blackened Shrimp
    Grilled Cajun Shrimp
    with a Horseradish Cocktail Sauce
  • Tea Sandwich Blend
    Goat Cheese, Asparagus Tips and Cilantro
    Sun-dried Tomato Spread and Capers
  • Poppy Seed Lemon Pastry Straws
    Crispy Puff Pastry Sprinkled
    with Poppy seed and Lemon

  • Mediterranean Sampler
    Hummus, Greek Olives, Stuffed Grape Leaves
    Roasted Eggplant and Tzatziki Dips
    Pita Chips on the Side
  • Tortellini Artichoke Skewers
    served with Anchovy Spread dipping sauce
    Menu B
    $18.00 Per Person

  • Fruit Skewers
    Seasonal Fruit Skewered
    Including Papaya, Kiwi, Pineapple,
    Mixed Berries, Melon, & Strawberries
  • White Fish Phyllo Cups
    Phyllo cups filled with creamy smoked white fish
    Topped with chilantro or chives
  • Cajun Chicken Wings
    Broiled in hot chili oil, herbs and soy blend
  • Savory Artichoke Cheesecake
    Artichoke and Boursin Cheesecake
    with a parmesan crust
    Served with pita chips
    Menu C
    $19.50 Per Person

  • Mini Quiche
    Assorted Bite Size Quiche
    Florentine, Roasted Veggie, Cheddar
  • Trio Crudités
    An Array of Lightly Blanched Vegetables
    Including Jicama, Asparagus and Carrots
    with Tahini Soy Dipping sauce
  • Brie En Croute
    Whole Brie with Brown Sugar, Peach Jam and Pecans
    Enveloped with Golden Puff Pastry
  • Hawaiian Meatballs
    Baked Seasoned Beef Rounds
    with Pineapple
  • Duo of Tea Sandwiches
    Ham and Apricot Jam on Mini Croissants
    Sun-Dried Tomato Spread with Capers
    Menu D
    $21.00 Per Person

  • Spicy Empanadas
    Flakey Golden Pastry filled with Andouille’ Sausage
    Served with Peach Salsa
  • Southwestern Seven layer Sampler
    With Guacamole, Refried Beans, Salsa, Sour Cream,
    Diced Tomatoes, and Shredded Jalapeno Cheese
    With Pita Chips
  • Vegetable Crudite’s
    With Broccoli, Jicama, Carrots and Asparagus Tips
    All Lightly Blanched With a Lemon Chive Dip
  • Marinated Chicken Skewers
    Chicken Morsels Marinated in Apple Cider Balsamic
    Skewered With Mango Lime Sauce
  • Cajun Spiced Nuts
    Tossed in Unsweetened Cocoa
    Menu E
    $21.00 Per Person

  • Ginger Beef Sate’s
    Marinated Grilled Beef Strips
    Skewered with Peach Salsa on Side
  • Ham and Sweet Potato Biscuits
    Sweet Potato Biscuits filled with
    Smoked Ham and Chutney
  • Chicken Salad Cucumber Cups
    Curried Chicken Salad with Raisins
    Resting in Hollowed Cucumber Cups
  • Savory Crab Gruyere Cheesecake
    Flaky Crab, Wild Mushroom and Gruyere
    Served with Baguette
  • Parmesan Puff Pastry Straws
    Crispy Puff Pastry topped with Garlic Parmesan
    Menu F
    $26.00 Per Person

  • Smoked Salmon Display
    Whole side of Atlantic Smoked Salmon served with capers, lemon slices, boiled eggs, onions, and cream cheese.
    Served with crackers.
  • Grilled Asian Shrimp
    Jumbo Teriyaki Drenched Shrimp
    Grilled with a Ginger Lime Dip
  • Brie Tartlets
    Tartlets filled with Brie, Apricot Jam and Pecans
  • Skewered Mozzarella and Grapes Tomatoes
    Both Marinated in Basil Vinaigrette
    Served with Fresh Basil Leaves
  • Pumpkin Chocolate Muffins
    Mini Pumpkin Muffins with Chocolate Chips
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    Served with Artisan Breads & Butter & Dessert

  • (A) Ginger Pork served over Butter Noodles
    with Red Cabbage, Broccoli and Water Chestnuts
    Mesculin Salad with Walnuts, Goat Cheese and Golden Raisins
    And a Soy Balsamic Vinaigrette
    Artisan Breads and Butter
    Mini Pumpkin Muffins and Scones
    $16.50 per person
  • (B) Rosemary Chicken Breast
    Filled with Portobello Mushrooms, Feta and Spinach
    Grilled Sweet Potato Medallions with Sweet Onions and Sherry
    Bread Basket and Butter
    Mini Brownies and Lemon Bars
    $15.75 per person
  • (C) Jambalaya with Shrimp, Andouille Sausage and Chicken
    Served over Cajun Rice
    Asian Coleslaw with Jicama, Carrots and Mandarin Oranges
    With Citrus Vinaigrette
    Assorted Rolls and Butter
    Mini Shortbread Pieces with Nutmeg and Chocolate Chip Cookies
    $18.75 per person
  • (D) Chicken Parmigiana
    Sautéed Italian Herbed Chicken Cutlets
    Served on Linguini Noodles with Marinara Sauce
    Caesar Salad Garlic Bread
    Assorted Tea Cookies
    $15.75 per person
  • (E) Spinach Lasagna
    Baked with Carrots, Sweet Onion, Mozzarella and Ricotta
    in a Delicate White Wine Sauce
    Mixed Baby Greens with Hearts of Palm and Dried Cranberries
    Crispy Parmesan Cayenne Puff Pastry Straws
    Mini Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies
    and Chocolate Chip Cookies
    $15.00 per person
  • (F) Crab and Gruyere Quiche
    Tomato and Mozzarella Salad drizzled with Basil lime Vinaigrette
    Red Potato Salad with Dill and Horseradish Cream Cheese Spread
    Mini Rolls and Butter
    Tea Bread Duo
    $17.50 per person
    Served with Artisan Breads & Butter & Dessert

  • (A) Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
    With Croutons and Fresh Parmesan
    Corn salad and Fennel with Ginger Pineapple Salsa
    Mini Coconut lemon Chews and Scones
    $15.50 per person
  • (B) Lightly Blackened Salmon
    With Avocado lime Coulis
    Thai Noodles with Spicy Peanut sauce
    Mesculin Salad with dried Apricots, Gorgonzola, Tomatoes
    With Raspberry Vinaigrette
    Assorted Mini Cookies and Poppy Seed Tea Cake
    $19.50 per person
  • (C) Salad Niscoise
    With Tuna, White Beans, Avocado,
    Black Olives and Red Onion with a Balsamic Vinaigrette
    Assorted Fruit Salad Blend
    Mini Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins and Lemon Pound Cake
    $15.25 per person
  • (D) Grilled Flank Steak Salad
    With Red Pepper, Broccolic
    With a Jack Daniels Barbeque Marinade
    Tri-Color Tortellini with Garden Veggies and a Pesto Mint Sauce
    Mixed Baby Greens with Hearts of Palm and Walnuts and a Ranch Dressing
    Almond Tea Cake and Chocolate Bark with Raisins and Nuts
    $17.50 per person
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Mini Desserts
    Menu A
    $10.25 Per Person

  • The Continental
    A Blend of Breakfast Breads
    Tea Bread, Mini Muffins,
    Croissants and Fruit Danish
    served with Peach Butter
    Seasonal Fresh Fruit Display
    Including Papaya, Kiwi, Pineapple,
    Mixed Berries, Melon, & Strawberries
    Coffee and Assorted Juice
    Cream and Sugars
    Menu B
    $11.25 Per Person

  • Expanded Continental
    Rustic Quiche Display
    Ham, Cheddar, and Sweet Onion
    Sausage, Sage, Swiss and Mushrooms
    Both on Flakey Herbed Crust
  • Bagel Mélange
    Assorted Mini and Full Size Bagels
    with Cream Cheese and Jam
    and Butter
  • Fresh Fruit Salad
    Bite Size Pieces of Seasonal Fresh Fruit
    with Honey Yogurt Sauce
  • Beverages
    Assorted Juice and Coffee
    Cream and Sugars
  • Breakfast Additions (per person)
    Bacon - $2.75 (2 stripes)
    Sausage - $2.50 (2 patties or links)
    Home fries - $2.25
    Individual Yogurt - $1.75
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